Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boys get obsessed with their dinky at an early age!

Tonight, 4 year old Bubba comes out of the bathroom totally naked.  It was time to put a Pull-Up on for overnight.  I was working on some sewing and had some things out...including my measuring tape.

He grabs the measuring tape and says "Mommy, measure my dinky!" 

Mind you, Hubby and I were really trying not to laugh at this!

I told him I wasn't going to measure his dinky and he should put his Pull-Up on.

He takes the measuring tape and holds it up to his stomach saying "One, two...my dinky is two inches......one, two, three, my dinky is one two three inches!"

By this time, Hubby and I are full out laughing.  Bubba is just so funny!

He's only 4 and already concerned with how big it is...it must be something they are born with!

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