Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love this site.  I first started using it about 4 years ago, when my step-mom sent me a job listing.  That job turned out to be my favorite job ever and I was very sad to have to quit when we moved out of state.

I have used it to sell some  jeans that don't fit because I've lost weight...I have bought a doll house (at $5) and a Disney Princess Vanity (for only $10!) for Chloe.  I even picked up a Little Touch Leap Pad complete with a few books and a carrying case this morning for FREE!  One Christmas present that we don't have to "pay Santa" for.

I currently have a few postings of things for sale up there now.

The scammers can be really bad on there, but if you use common sense (deal locally, don't ship anything, accept only cash for payments, etc) you will avoid 95% of the problems.

I truly love this site and encourage everyone to check it out.

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